Algorithms (level 1)

In this module you’ll dip your toes into the water by implementing a few algorithms. These algorithms generate different outputs depending on what we provide as input. Seen that way, the algorithms are generic, albeit limited a particular kind of input. This module should be accessible with a high-school level background in mathematics.

But first, check out the short movie below. Egge van der Poel is a data scientist at the Erasmus MC Hospital en tells about his experience with programming and processing data from real patients.

Day 1: Getting started
  1. Practice with the Python’s basic elements.

  2. Assignment Check your water usage

Day 2: A first algorithm
  1. Learn more about algorithms

  2. Learn about loops

  3. Assignment Build a small piece of a Mario pyramid

Day 3: A serious algorithm
  1. Understand how to write “good code”

  2. Assignment Calculate change with a greedy algorithm

Day 4: Working with graphs
  1. Save your data in a list

  2. Learn more about using modules in Python

  3. Find out how to plot your data

  4. Assignment Make data intelligible by plotting graphs


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Have you submitted each problem from this module? Then you’re done! Let us know by e-mail if you have any remarks on the quality of this module. It’s important for us to get feedback on the course’s content, and we actually use it to improve!