Installing Python

We recommend installing Python on your computer, but in some cases this will lead to hard-to-solve problems. Here are your options:

  • Installing on your own computer is quick and useful. You can run Python anytime, even on the train, and it’s quicker, too! It’s also great to have installed Python so you can use it even when you have finished the course.

  • Using an online editor is probably easier. If you run into any trouble when installing your own computer, you can at least get started. So in case of emergency, use this route!

Are you completely stuck? Don’t hesitate to send us an email so we can help you along. Even if you’re not registered for the course, we can help you get Python to work for you!

Already have Python?

Take these recommendations into account:

  • Check whether you have to correct version! Python 2 and Python 3 exist alongside one another. We use the latest version, Python 3. Many of the examples in this course will not work using Python 2.

  • Be sure to install the program checkpy, which you’ll need to verify your own solutions. Head over to the instructions for installing on your own computer