Monopoly (level 3)

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After a short introduction with animating in Python, we’ll spend the first 3 days of this module on simulating the game of Monopoly. It is impossible to do so analytically, because the use of dice adds a complicated element of chance to the game. Game theory in practice.

During day 4 we’ll get acquainted with simulating a physical phenomenon: free fall (with and without friction).

Day 1: Animations

  1. Learn how to make animations in Python

  2. Assignment The spiraling dot

  3. Assignment Show how a drunk student moves around

Day 2: Monopoly - introduction

  1. Read up on Monopoly

  2. Assignment Monopoly with one player in Donald Trump mode

Day 3: Monopoly - starting money

  1. Assignment Effect of a finite amount of starting money on the game

Day 4: Monopoly - $2^{nd}$ player and finding an equilibrium

  1. Assignment Add a second player and restore the equilibrium

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