Population dynamics (level 3)

This module is a BETA version!

In this module we’ll simulate the population dynamics of 25 rabbits and 2 foxes, living in a secluded forest. A classic predator-prey model with a variety of elements and an animation.

In the video below, meet Iko Koevoets who studies the development of plant roots. Data processing is at the core of her research.

Day 1: Animations in Python

  1. Learn how to make animations in Python

  2. Assignment The spiraling dot

  3. Assignment Show how a drunk student moves around

Day 2: Rabbits in a forest

  1. Assignment Animate 25 rabbits living in a forest

Day 3: Add (hungry) foxes to the forest

  1. Assignment Add (vegetarian) foxes to the simulation

  2. Assignment The foxes develop a penchant for meat. Touch luck for the rabbits

Day 4: The rabbits reproduce - who wins?

  1. Assignment Let the rabbits reproduce and find out who wins, rabbits or foxes

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