Statistics (level 4)

This module is a BETA version! It’s quite big, new and there’s no checkpy.

In this module we’ll get to work on statistics. It’s obvious that the computer can be put to great use to extract all sorts of interesting information out of data. But could we also test hypotheses: do we, or don’t we observe a correlation in our data?

In the video below, Daniël Lakens is associate professor at the TU/e and tells about the combination of statistics and programming.

Day 1: The normal distribution and sampling

  1. Assignment Study the length of Danish women

  2. Assignment Characteristics of samples

Day 2: Fitting a model to data (yourself)

  1. Assignment Fit a simple model to the data yourself

Day 3: Fitting a model to data (Python)

  1. Assignment Learn how to fit a more complex model in Python

Day 4: Testing hypotheses

  1. Assignment Generate fictional data-sets and learn how to test hypotheses

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